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Catch Basins

Precon’s Catch Basins are the necessary solution for stormwater drainage in municipalities across Alberta.

Flared Headwalls

Precon’s Flared Headwalls offer a cost-effective alternative to cast-in-place structures for connecting pipework discharging into open watercourses such as rivers, ditches, ponds, and swales.

Impact Baffle

Precon’s Impact Baffle is an outlet-style structure and it is designed to dissipate energy as water is introduced into a drainage system or natural water course.


Precon’s Inlet/Turnout is designed for water inlet and outlet control.


Precon’s precast Manhole stations are made up of a combination of bases, barrels and tops that are easy and fast to install.

Oil/Grit Separator

Precon’s Rainwater Management Oil/Grit Separator (RWM OGS) unit is an important and effective total pollutant treatment component of a stormwater management program and is approved in every major jurisdiction in Alberta.

Panel Wall

Precon’s Panel Wall is designed around the required openings and the depth necessary to eliminate seepage. With robust connections, panels can be continuously added to create a wall of any length.

Pipe - C76

Precon’s C76 Concrete Pipe (aka RCP or Reinforced Concrete Pipe) can be manufactured in multiple diameters, up to 1839mm, and comes in reinforcing designs from CL III to CL V.

Pipe - Microtunneling

Precon’s Micro-Tunnelling Pipe (MT Pipe) can be manufactured in diameters from 700mm to 2500mm and is designed for the jacking forces in deep installations.


Precon’s Trench are engineered for a wide variety of applications and can be designed to your specific project requirements.

Vaults - Multi-Panel

Precon’s Multi-Panel Vault structure is engineered as a multi-piece structure that is assembled on-site. It is highly versatile, which allows for a larger more customizable structure.

Vaults - Standard

Precon manufactures the highest quality and most versatile precast concrete vault.

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