Sanitary Sewer Siphon Project

Case Studies
Published on 16 September 2022

Owner: R.M. of Wood Buffalo
Designer: Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
Location: Fort McMurray, AB

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) retained Conestoga – Rovers & Associates (CRA) to provide Engineering services for the site assessment, preliminary design, approvals, detailed design and construction management for the Parsons Development Area Sanitary Sewer Siphon Project. The trunk sanitary sewer siphon will serve a proposed development area designed for a population of up to 55,000 and will convey sewage from the development area, 3.5 kilometres to the existing Water Reclamation Facility.

The project included the design and construction of three siphon barrels in the same trench, allowing the system to serve a dynamic growing population while minimizing maintenance. With very little flow expected during project start up and annual maintenance required for siphons, the system was designed with 8 isolation valve clean-out chambers. These chambers included isolation valves, multiple flushing ports, combination air/vacuum valves, large diameter clean-outs, and a maintenance platform. Having these chambers and all accessories assembled offsite in a controlled environment with all the necessary quality control and testing, provided a higher quality product at a more affordable price.

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