Snow Storage Project

Case Studies
Published on 16 September 2022

Owner: City of Edmonton
Designer: Associated Engineering Alberta Ltd.
Location: NE Edmonton

The City of Edmonton Capital Construction Department retained Associated Engineering to provide Engineering services for the site assessment, preliminary design, approvals, detailed design, and construction management for the Northeast Snow Storage Facility. The snow storage site will provide a permanent facility for ultimate snow storage of 2,000,000 m3 within the northeast quadrant of the city.

This project involved a system of turn-around and outlet structures complete with control gates designed to simplify pond operation control and facilitate the flexibility of operating the pond’s various elevations such as high water, low water and nominal water levels. The outlet structure was lined with 2.5mm HDPE stud liner to provide sulphate and corrosion resistance to the structure and all internals. The turn-around structures were utilized to provide further flexibility for pond controls and to allow for further settlement of any suspended solids at the turn-around sumps.

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